High Speed Bobbin Winder (‘MX’ & ‘MH’, Metallic )

product image: TH-W

TH Type bobbin winder

  • This has a special controller, which can keep the uniform tension(from low tension to high), to prevent the defects of products from happening when weaving.
  • All units of this M/C are processed closely, so that we can't feel its vibration at all, and has the powerful endurance due to the use O special material.

Standard specification

Machine Model TH-W Type
Type Single feed system for both side
Motor 1.5kw × 4P, 2.2kw × 4P 1 Set
Yarn speed 200~400m/min
Bobbin (g) 500 750 1000 1500
Total spindle 30~110 30~110 32~112 32~104