Foil Stamping M/C

product image: BS-ST/F-60


After dew-drop coating on fabric, you need to separate the colors on the dew-drop part of fabric with using foil film.

Standard specification

Model No. BS-ST/F-60
Working width 1550mm (60inch)
Machine roll width 1700mm
Production speed 30-60 m/min
Consisting of.. Unwinder Max. winding diameter Ø600mm
Rewindert Max. winding diameter Ø600mm
Powder brake 5kg
Powder clutch 20kg
Main drive motor 3.7kw inverter motor
Pully motor 2.2kw motor
Stamping part Heating roll(electric heater 2kw×9) and silicon roll
Machine dimension 2500mm × 3500mm × 2200mm (high)
Machine weight 2500kg