Covering M/C for matallic yarn (combined use for single & double covering)

product image: DH-SD-240

The machine DH-SD-240 model is newly designed for the production of 'MX' type metallic yarn, combined use for single & double covering of metallic yarn.

Timing belt & pulley
In order to minimize the noise and spindle revolution error, the timing belt & pulley is applied for the fixed gear and connecting gears.
Inverter control
It is equipped with high-tech inverter controller for the upper & lower spindle level respectively so as to give optimum spindle revolution and thus to improve the productivity of machine.
Easy operation & convertibility
  • Spindle revolution is shown as Hz in the control box. So the setting of machine speed(spindle revolution) is very easy and exact.
  • Automatic time for yarn counter meter enables you to produce the yarn as the same length as you desire.
  • The machine is convertibal to single covering form double covering(or to double covering from single covering) so simply by shifting the position of upper spindle level.
Stability at high speed
With high precision spindles and vibration-absorbing rubber feed rolls, the machine has obtained the stability at high speed operation and also prevents yarns from slipping.

Standard specification

形式 (Machine type)
  • Spindle 2段式 卷取2段式 spindle line 4錘 single & double
  • combination type of single and double covering by sliding the spindle line, double stage spindle, altermate two way take-up, 4 spindle per unit is arranged in the hollow style.
錠子 (no of spindle) 144S/72H 160S/80H 172S/86H 192S/96H 208S/104H
N 9 10 11 12 13
L 11980 13100 14220 15340 16460
  5.5kw×4P×2 7.5kw×4P×2
原動 motor
直結式 driving
  • INVERTER 別途仕樣 瞬間停電再起動裝置 付着
  • vertical motor 4p(with inverter) with electric control panel(including inverter with re-starting device at a time of instaneous electric current cut off for the motor upper-spindle-lower-spindle proportional control system. with forward-reverse switch, magnetic, auto-counter, tachometer and push button switch)
Spindle pitch 240mm
Spindle 規格 外徑 22mm 內徑 3 taper 30/1000-35/1000
Spindle R.P.M 5000-18000 bobbin 規格 注意
撚 數(twisting range) 140 T/M 4200 TM
卷取形態 (take-up) type 集中式 CON 形式
卷取 (take-up drum) 80 × 160 × 25
卷取 (take-up tube) 65×L-170 ( 47×57)
下段 drum Ø94 × L75 × Ø25
Machine height 2000mm
Machine width 1200mm
Change gear change gear 方式 速比-m/pitch 1.25tension)    撚數-m/pitch 2.5(twisting)
Main belt 40×3.5mm
卷取速度 (take-up speed) 50m/min(max)
Bobbin size 500g(Ø90×120×Ø40)    750g(Ø95×136×Ø400)