Covering M/C for matallic yarn (sing covering only)

product image: DH-S-200

The machine DH-S-200 model is newly designed for the production of 'ST' type round twisting yarn which is applicable for embroidery, ribbon, weaving & knitting etc.

Timing belt & pulley
In order to minimize the noise and spindle revolution error, the timing belt & pulley is applied for the fixed gear and connecting gears.
Inverter control
It is equipped with high-tech inverter controller for the spindle level so as to give optimum spindle revolution and thus to improve the productivity of machine.
Easy operation & convertibility
  • Spindle revolution is shown as Hz in the control box. So the setting of machine speed(spindle revolution) is very easy and exact.
  • Automatic time for yarn counter meter enables you to produce the yarn as the same length as you desire.
  • The machine is specially designed for 'ST' type round twisting yarn. So the machine height is lower than human height so that it is very convenient for workers.
Stability at high speed
With high precision spindles and vibration-absorbing rubber feed rolls, the machine has obtained the stability at high speed operation and also prevents yarns from slipping.
Yarn tension device
To maintain equal and suitable tension of feeding yarn, the advanced yarn tension device is equipped in the machine.

Standard specification

型式 (machine type)
  • Spindle 1段式 卷上 1列方式 spindle 配列8錘型
  • single stage spindle .1 row of take-up device 8 spindle per unit is arranged in the straight style.
錠子 (no of spindle) 80 spindle 96 spindle 112 spindle 128 spindle
N 5 6 7 8
L 10,000 11,700 13,300 15,100
Motor 3.75kW 3.75kW 5.5kW 7.5kW
Spindle pitch 200mm
Spindle Ø22 × Ø3 tapper 47/1000
Spindle R.P.M 6000~18000 r.p.m.(bobbin規格 注意) spindle revolution is variable dependent on the size of bobbin to be used
Spindle belt 40 × 3.56t nylon inserted rubber belt
撚數 (twisting range) 140 ~ 4200 T/M (change gear type)
卷取型態 (take-up) Type cylinder type (Ø110 × 100L × Ø70)
卷取 (take-up drum) Beakrid made (Ø84 × 90L × Ø25)
Traverse (cam box) Oil box type
Change gear 方式 Change gear type 速比.撚數 (tension.twisting)
Machine size Height-1600 width-1500
Take-up speed 50m/min(max)
原動 motor 直結式 driving Vertical motor type & inverter 瞬間停電再起動裝置 付着 with electric control panel(including inverter with forward-reverse at a time of instaneous electric current cut off the motor, with forward-reverse switch, magnetic, auto-counter, tachometer, and push button switch)
bobbin規格 (size) Ø73 × 58L × Ø40