Dry Lamitator

product image: BS-DL-1200


A full-automatic high-speed dry laminator which ensures uniform paper-pasting using a 3-stage roll-touch laminating paper-pasting mode, and minimizes the drying time and loss of heat using recycled waste gas.

Standard specification

web OPP, CPP, PET, Nylon, Paper, etc.
Width of web 500~1500m/m
Width of roll 600~1700m/m
Max. diameter unwinder 1, 2 Ø600~Ø800m/m
Max. diameter rewinder Ø600~Ø1000m/m
Dryer Steam, heater
Max. line speed 200m/min
Web speed 180m/min
Line motor V·S & D·C
Size 15000mm × 3000mm × 3000mm(H)