Spangle Transfer M/C

product image: BS-ST-60


  • High speed & high quality machine with many years experience & know-how of spangle fabric.
  • Many molds for different spangle designs can be provided to you.
  • A variety of spangle films with beautiful colors & designs are available(pian film, metalized film, multi-color film, hologram film, rainbow film etc.).

Standard specification

Fabric width 60inch
Working width 56inch
Working speed About 5000 yards per day(24hours), 6punch/second
Upper part 1×5HP motor and 2×2100mm shafts
Lower part A silicon roller(180mm dia) and a heating roll(5kw)
Mold 3 pieces or 4 pieces(option) of mold plates(1700mm 165mm) made of super steel
Control box Temperature control and speed control, on & off etc.
Machine size 3300mm × 2100mm × 2000mm(H)
Machine weight Approximately 3500kg