Foil Separating M/C

product image: BS-SP/F-60


After foil film printing on fabric with using foil printing & smoke machine, you need to keep the fabric in the curing room(temperature of 70-80 centi degree) for 24 hours.
Then you can stamp the foil film from fabric with this stamping machine.

Standard specification

Model No. BS-SP/F-60
Working width 1550mm (60inch)
Machine roll width 1700mm
Production speed 30-60 m/min
Consisting of.. Unwinder max. winding diameter Ø600mm
Rewindert Max. winding diameter Ø600mm
Main drive motor 3.7kw geared motor
Powder brake 10kg
Powder clutch 20kg
Machine dimension 2400mm × 2700mm × 900mm (high)
Machine weight 2000kg